Dance Energy Celebration

with live music

18th May, 2019  5pm – 8pm

Lentävä Matto, Tampere

This is an invitation to come to rest in the depth of our hearts. A moment to relax, listen to ourselves and finally to celebrate together letting us to be danced by the inspiriting music 

We connect to the quality of acceptance that is embracing all there is exactly as it is. Thanks to the allowing space and awareness, our emotions, thoughts and energies can be danced and transformed. We rediscover our vitality and our original blossoming. We let ourselves to be danced freely and spontaneously by the sensitive live music of Raphael with his harp, flute, drums and electronic. We celebrate the flowering of our full potential from stillness to ecstasy and joy.
We return to our vitality and to the original blossoming, the extraordinary gift of life!

Price: 45/40€

Lentävä Matto
Hämeenkatu 14 E / Pellavatehtaankatu 8 E 4.krs
33100 Tampere, Finland

[email protected]  045 1633 929 / Chintana
[email protected]   040 754 2244 / Katarina, Lentävä Matto

Booking: 040 754 2244/Lentävä Matto

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« One dance, one music in the vibration of the heart that reminds our cellules that we are Love » – one participant

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Past events:


Dance Energy Celebration

Spontaneous dancing in the Presence of the Heart with live music

with Chintana & Raphaël

Friday 6th October 2017 6pm to 8.30 pm
Friday 17th November 2017  6pm to 8.30 pm
Fontaine de l’Aube, Association Le Petit Prince, 11 Chemin de Lauris, Cadenet (84), France
30 minutes from Aix en Provence
  • In Finland summer 2017:

    • July, 6-9th 2017 – Dance Energy Celebration
      at the Natural High Healing festival

    • July, 22nd, 2017 – Dance my Heart
      at Frantsilan Hyvän Olonkeskus, Hämeenkyrö


    Dance my Heart

    Spontaneous dance with live music

    Sat, July, 22nd, 2017 10pm -5.30pm
    Frantsilan Hyvän Olon Keskus
    Kyröspohjantie 320, 39100 Hämeenkyrö, Finland

    Dance Energy Celebration web


    Dance my Heart is a return to your true self,
    joy and vitality
    An invitation to enjoy dancing freely in your essence!



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    Dance Energy Celebration

    Spontaneous dance with live music

    18th March, 2017  2.30pm – 6pm

    La Cabane, Kerhouarn, Mériadec, 56400 Plumergat (en Bretagne)


    Association Apesa.


    Dance Energy Transformation

    Let yourself to be transformed by the joy of conscious dancing and the presence of the heart

    Presentation and opening:
    29th September 2016, 19-21h

    6 and 20 October, 3 and 24 November 19h-20h15

    Workshop : 11th December 15h30 – 18h45

    La Fontaine de l’Aube, 11, Chemin de Lauris, 84160 Cadenet, France

    In these séries of experimental evenings we’ll make an experience of the alchemic processus to transform our thoughts and negative emotions. We’ll let ourselves be expressed by spontaneous and conscious dance and movement supported by music and silence. The accumulated energies in our bodies can be liberated , we are invited to express freely what ever is present in this moment and we’ll celebrate this joyous dance of life.


    For the alchemy of transformation is needed three elements: Awareness, Presence of the Heart and Intensity.

    When we combine these three elements a transformation happens: we transmute our negative thoughts, patterns and feelings in a joyful way to free us from any constriction and live our full potential.

    You cultivate the first ingredient, Awareness by being fully present to the sensations of the body, feelings, thoughts and energies.

    The second one, the Presence of the Heart embraces everything as it is by accessing the qualities of acceptance, welcoming and allowing everything.

    We add to that the third component: Aliveness and Intensity, through movement and dance, expressing whatever feeling arises in this moment.

    By combining these three ingredients the alchemical process will make us discover our true self, in a joyous oneness connected to everything, and access the path of transformation within to love, fulfillment and freedom.

    In this course we will learn the alchemical process to transform negative thoughts and feelings. We will dance them with alive intensity supported by special music. Raphaël Pinel will support us in our journey by creating wonderful heartfelt and sensitive music with his celtic harp, flutes and drums. We will liberate stored energies in our bodies and express everything that is present right now through dancing to celebrate the joyous dance of life.

    Every evening we end with a deep relaxation with the sounds of the harp for an integration.

    Chintana Raphael

    Chintana Seppä has been specially trained by Maneesha McLure (USA) to guide in Dance Energy Transformation. She’s been leading many Dance therapy workshops internationally since 2002. She’s been dedicated to deepen the loving presence of the heart by attending many satsang and spiritual retreats with living masters. She is also a certified  Craniosacral Biodynamics practitioner BCST and experienced in Deep tissue massage.

    Raphaël Pinel is a French harp player and composer. He plays and composes beautiful heartfelt and deeply relaxing music for harp, flute and other instruments.

    Dans une parfaite complicité, Raphaël Pinel nous accompagne dans ce voyage en créant en temps réel une musique ressentie du cœur et émanant du silence avec sa harpe celtique, flûtes ethniques, et tambours, ajoutant une présence vivante et spontanée aux musiques enregistrées spécialement choisies par Chintana. Ayant étudié la musique à l’Université de Rennes II, il compose et joue de la harpe celtique avec une très grande sensibilité depuis plus de 25 ans. Il a donné des concerts internationalement et enregistré de nombreux albums méditatifs, dont trois auprès du label américain Malimba Records.



    Danse énergie transformation



    Dance Energy Transformation with Live Music


    30th July, 2016  10am-5.30pm

    Frantsilan Hyvän Olon Keskus, Hämeenkyrö


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    When we combine these three elements a transformation happens: we transmute our negative thoughts, patterns and feelings in a joyful way to free us from any constriction and live our full potential.


    Part of the day we’ll dance outside in a gorgeous lake landscape.


    “Dance when you’re broken open. Dance when you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance, when you’re perfectly free. Struck, the dancer hears a tambourine inside her, like a wave that crests into foam at the very top, begins. Maybe you don’t hear that tambourine, or the tree leaves clapping time. Close the ears which listen mostly to lies and cynical jokes – there are other things to see, and hear. Music. Dance. A whole world inside your soul.” 

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