How the biodynamics can support living our full potential

How the biodynamics can support living our full potential


I just came back from a biodynamic craniosacral advanced training on Conception in Italy and wanted to share my insights how it has been supportive for myself as living what I was planned to be or align my original matrix. The intention this course was to accompagne couples who have a wish to conceive a child and in this course we ”worked” also on our own preconception and conception journey. Oh, yes the biodynamics can support us in our own journey into life and it can be really amazing.

The biggest change I could sense during and after the training is now to be fully present in my body, really 100%. This I sense as clarity, strength and vitality. The clarity as I can see myself now going directly towards ”things” or situations in my life that I sense vital and important. I can see clearly what I need to do and there is no hesitation. The strength and determination I feel as I am not any more blocked or trapped by the fear. No more hassling around in order to avoid what I really want or need to do because of a fear or some negative belief – but just simply and straightly going to the point. Simple, gentle and easy.  Life gets much simpler and easier – as I just do or go for the most important, pulsing inside things.



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