“Chintana`s loving presence allowed me to dive into the liquid body –

this ocean so still and alive. I felt in great ease like a whale baby
floating near its mother.”

– Judith, soul singer and musicien


On Chintana’s lessons I have enjoyed a lot just living and got many tips for healing and taking care of myself. And PURE fun!!
– Ulla Karhapää, Finland

Thank you for this enchanting journey of an acting soul, the magic of Life. Everything was there, everyone interconnected with him/herself, the others and the big Whole. Gratitude to you to have created these conditions for a deep reconnection of the heart. 
– Edith J.

I am carried by this softness and this strength that is emanating from you both, Chintana and Raphaël. Thank you for this delicious journey, the softness of the heart. My body is filled of this unique moment. 
– Huguette

A dance, a music with the vibration of the heart that is reminding our cells that we are Love. 

Thank you for this very beautiful and soft moment that allowed me to escape.

A time outside time carried and anchored by the music and the guidance of Raphaël and Chintana, bringing back to the heart of oneself.

How wonderful!Quelle merveille !
The harp that makes my body vibrate and makes it dance in a very natural form; with its delicate and sublime sounds it relaxes inside me and lets my deepest tensions melt. 
The drums for connecting to the earth, feeling her support, her rhythm, her stability. 
The sounds of the flute enhance my enthusiasm, my impulse, wanting to play, to rise higher and higher in my life, in my dance.
And Chintana’s voice who is guiding the session, a voice so soft and melting! 
– Katerina

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